In 2018 there has been more than 3 fatal accidents at work per day, tragic numbers, are your employees and you working safely?

In the first quarter of 2019 the situation is not improving, the professional trainig is a worker’s right: give value to your live.
28th April is the world day for Health and Safety at work, “no one should die while working”, remember to wear always your Personal Protective Equipment, they save your life.
Are you up-to-date-on the professional training?
Nacanco Nove arranges training courses and supplies you with PPE, in accordance with the existing law on Satey at work.
We boast more than 20 years experience and we are an IPAF accredited training centre, call us at our unique number 199.177.155 (ext.2) to book your training course.
Check the expiration date of your training licence
Friday, 15th January 2019
The training courses have a validity of 5 years, after that delegates need to attend a refresher course.
The new State-Region Agreement, in force since March 2013 (published in the Ordinary Supplement no. 47 of Official Journal no. 60 of 12 March 2012), named "Equipment Decree", governs specific training for operators that use so-called hazardous work equipment, including aerial work platforms (AWP), self-propelled industrial trucks with the driver on board (forklifts, fixed and rotating telehandlers), mobile cranes, tower cranes, earth moving machines (excavators, backhoes, loaders, etc.), ...
Don’t forget to check the expiration date of your training licence and attend the refresher course to be in compliance with the law in force and avoid being sancioned.
To work safely is a worker’s right and duty.
Call us at our unique number 199.177.155 (ext.2) or send us an e-mail at to ask for further information.

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