“On the wall” is the street art project promoted by the municipality of Genova, that aims to the requalification of the urban areas hit by the Morandi’s bridge collapse. Genova has been cooperating for years with the artistic associaction Linkinart, a team of international writers, engaged in enhancing the urban landscape.

After the bridge collapse, occurred on 14th August 2018, Genova felt the need to do something for the areas hit by the disaster, and that is how the project “On the wall” was born, it brought togheter both writers from Genova and international artists, all aiming to create an open air artistic gallery, on the houses’ walls of the Certosa district.

Nacanco Nove decided to take part to this event  both as technical partner, supplying aereal working platforms, and as a sponsor of Antonello Macs’ mural painting, entitled “Liberi di perderci”.

Sometimes our aereal working equipment are emploied in unusula branches, fully different frome the traditional ones (technological installations, industry, industrial assembly, building, green maintenance…).

Over the years Nacanco Nove’s MEWPs has been rented by many artists, participating directly to the realizations of their artworks: scissor lifts, articulated boom lifts and telehandlers are the most emploied machines, used for assembling and the dismantling artworks, but they are used also as structural support for mural paintings and graffiti or even as a part of the masterpiece itself.


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