To provide safe and efficient machines for high altitude work in a wide range of different types, heights and features to meet the specific needs of all customers and offer top quality technical support and assistance.

Nacanco Nove, a Loxam Company

Founded in 2001, Nacanco Nove. is a leading company in aerial lifting machine hiring in Italy. The company bases its strength on the know-how acquired with years of experience, which has gradually led to the opening of numerous branch-es across Italy, all offering a wide range of aerial lifting solutions inspired by “Nacanco Nove Style”, which is synonymous for total customer dedication. With its widespread presence around the country, Nacanco Nove is never far from its customers and is able to offer a range of increasingly effective services.

A service with great added value

When it comes to selecting the best machine for the job and receiving all neces-sary support during and after its use, the companies who choose Nacanco Nove know that they will be assisted by qualified professionals, able to provide specific services tailored to their needs. This is what makes Nacanco Nove stand out as an organised, dynamic and innovative company that has the means, the personnel and the competences to guarantee solutions and services with great added value.

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